The government should listen to those who have the experience

Dear Editor,
Engineer Malcom Ali’s letter dealing with the proposal for the Hope Canal, a major mistake planned by the government, is of vital importance to all citizens. I believe Mr Ali is correct, and pray for the day when he and others can persuade the state leaders to rethink their stated position to build this facility at a cost they say is $3B. If he is listened to, then the residents, farmers and succeeding generations who would be victims of this march of folly, will be thankful.

As one who took part in some aspects of the Mahaica, Mahaicony Abary Drainage and Irrigation Improvement Scheme, I can say that a pivotal requirement was the effective maintenance of the Abary Creek (River), and the 7 door Sluice areas. Those who took over the management of these facilities some decade ago, behave as though anything technical or social started by a previous administration, no matter how sound, should be ignored, and so there was poor maintenance.

What is worrisome is the massive sums proposed to be expended. Shou1d we not consider ways to do only what is wise and in the best interest of Guyana? But some poor decision-making by some new kids on the block seem to be the order of the day.

Elsewhere, I referred to the decision to build the Berbice River Bridge where it is now located – to date we’ve had no lucid explanation for ignoring the narrower span from Ithaca to Sisters Village. This was proposed when a study was first done some years ago.

I publicly appeal and humbly beg the President and his cabinet listen to some of us who have the experience, integrity and interest of Guyana at heart and whose only desire is to help. Could he not heed voices of reason? This would be the hallmark of good governance and indeed democracy. There is very little new under the sun.

Mr President some of us are friends, not enemies of the state. Some of us are patriots not parasites. Some of us are frank and truthful but not sycophants. We are Guyanese not gangsters. Mr President, our wise counsel, knowledge, experience and sincerity will be easily made available to you and our country if you only seek same.

We can note the recent Wall Street Journal/Heritage Foundation 2009 index of economic freedom report on Guyana — too large a government, they say. Is anyone listening?

May I take this opportunity to offer heartiest congratulations to the government for taking action on GuySuCo; I knew something was wrong when a manufacturer complained to me last year that he experienced difficulty in buying sugar locally. As I compliment the government for taking action I would just like to add this caveat. Why they have not acted with similar speed in dealing with the administration at City Hall? The Auditor General commented on what the Mayor and Councillors had been complaining about for years. Months have passed since, and senior staff and the council are still in limbo; we note that the Commissioner of Enquiry is a member of the new GuySuCo board.

The New GuySuCo management team interim board appointees are all credible and competent persons in their own right, but I hope it is not an instance of politicizing further a major industry and foreign exchange earner.

Aristotle,- three centuries before the birth of Jesus Christ noted, “If liberty and equality as is taught by some, are cheaply to be found in democracy, they will be best attained when all persons alike share the Government to the utmost.”
Yours faithfully,
Hamilton Green, JP

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