CIOG is working diligently for the social and economic development of less fortunate Guyanese

Dear Editor,
Congratulations to Guyana’s largest and most dynamic non-governmental organization (NGO), the Central Islamic Organization of Guyana, (CIOG) for securing a grant from the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) of US$495,000 to fund the construction of a medical centre in Georgetown which will serve to further strengthen Guyana’s health sector for the benefit of all Guyanese, regardless of race or religion.

The Zakat House of Kuwait is providing assistance to the CIOG in assisting orphans in Guyana, and the CIOG endeavours to bring Dubai Cares of the United Arab Emirates to Guyana to assist in the education sector.  Dr Jagan visited Qatar, the UAE and Kuwait about a decade ago, and it is hoped that President Bharrat Jagdeo will visit the region in March 2009, given the cancellation of his visit to Qatar which was scheduled for last week.

Fazeel Ferouz is a member of the General Assembly of The International Islamic Charitable Organization (IICO) in Kuwait. Following Mr Ferouz’s recent visit to Libya, the CIOG will also work more closely with the World Islamic Call Society of Libya. In an effort to rebuild the Queenstown Jama Masjid, Mr Ferouz presented to Libya a proposal to help in the restoration/reconstruction of this landmark mosque.  The CIOG is also a member of the Islamic Organizations of Latin American and the Caribbean countries (OIPALC) which is based in Argentina and which under the auspices of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) will soon host a meeting in Guyana.

In December 2008, the IsDB Board of Executive Directors approved US$2.5 billion for its operational plan to finance various development projects in 2009 in member states and non-member states. Additionally, US$357 million in loans will be allocated under the Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development for poverty alleviation. As a member of the OIC, Guyana can benefit from these funds (even though Guyana is not a member of the bank as yet). Hopefully President Jagdeo will follow through with his promise for Guyana to attain membership of the bank.

The CIOG has been at the forefront working diligently for the social and economic development of some of our less fortunate Guyanese. Its charitable work has been recognized in Kuwait and elsewhere, and we hope that the CIOG would continue with the good work they have been doing for several years now.
Yours faithfully,
Ray Chickerie
Shabnam Ali

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