The opposition should declare assets if it wants to be taken seriously

Dear Editor,
The recent call by the government for all MPs to submit a list of income and assets, is a step in the right direction. This is another instance of efforts by the present government to continue improving transparency and accountability in public life. I agree with Dr Luncheon’s charge that the failure of some MPs to comply with the request to declare their income and assets is shameful.

It is very hypocritical, especially on the part of the opposition, to continually accuse the government of corruption and incompetence, and then barefacedly refuse to comply with the legal requirement to declare their source of income. It makes me feel they have something to hide. If the opposition wants to be taken seriously when it accuses the government of corruption, then it must show that its own house is in order by complying with the request, and declare income and assets. Then and only then will the populace be convinced that the charges by the opposition are not merely politiking and a smokescreen.
Yours faithfully,
Mohan Singh

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