The scientists who stay in Guyana should be given the challenge to solve our problems

Dear Editor,

Guyana seems to be continuing its legacy of dependency. With all of our human resources available locally we still look outwards to solve our problems. We have developed serious weed problems with the antelope grass that was introduced as fodder for cattle. It has become a nightmare for our major waterways. I have noticed with shock and anger that a foreign scientist was employed to look at this problem. I personally know of two weed scientists who are more than capable of handling this situation. But for some strange reason our Ministry of Agriculture always seems to want foreign help. One of the weed scientists is Mr Ramesh Lilwah and the other is Mr Leroy Small. Those in the agriculture industry could attest to these gentlemen’s capabilities. I would have liked to see these gentlemen involved in managing this pest problem.

It is the same situation with the paddy bug in Guyana. For years we have brought in foreign scientists to solve the problem. Yet in our midst is the great entomologist, Dr Leslie Monroe. He solved the mealy bug problem in Guyana.

To the people that run the agriculture ministry I ask you to look within our midst and you will find a lot of gems. It is time that the scientists who stay and toil in Guyana in unfair conditions be given a challenge to solve our problems.

Yours faithfully,
Nishard Williams

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