There is nothing wrong with the Consumer Movement of Guyana seeking assistance from businesses and others

Dear Editor,

I wish to refer to a letter dated January 27 in the Stabroek News captioned ‘Guyana Consumers’ Association not connected to “The Consumer Movement of Guyana”’ by Eileen Cox of the Guyana Consumers’ Association.

The small self styled group (Consumer Movement of Guyana (CMOG)) received a letter from the Bureau of Standards inviting them to attend a meeting in St Lucia and also received a letter of invitation, but they did not have sufficient funds. The Consumer Movement of Guyana sought the assistance from businessmen and others. What was wrong with that? How many times have we seen associations and individuals seeking help via the newspapers and television? The Consumer Movement of Guyana sought assistance from the business sector and otherwise and has no intentions of fooling anyone.

Ms Cox of the Consumers’ Association sought and got help from the EU, and produced pamphlets for education purposes.

Ms Cox said in her letter that business and other people had called the GCA enquiring about the Consumer Movement. All they needed to do was to call the CMOG on telephone number 223-6080, the Ministry of Tourism and the Registrar of Friendly Societies c/o the Human Resources Department of the Ministry of Labour. The small self styled group mentioned by Eileen Cox is a registered group under the Friendly Societies Act Chapter 36:04 and was established as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) on November 3, 2000.

Yours faithfully,
Wilfred Eleazar

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