A breach of conditions could lead to a termination of the contract between the Guyana Oil Company and dealers

Dear Editor,
We refer to the article in the Stabroek News of February 24, 2009 captioned ‘Guyoil customers complain of shabby treatment.’
While we will be responding to the allegations raised in the article by the dealers, we wish to outline for general information, three of the important terms and conditions contained on our Dealer Contract:-

(1) The company is obligated to issue dispensing pumps and in some cases, fuel storage tanks and ancillary equipment, valued at millions of dollars free of cost to dealers.
(2) There is provision for maintenance of the equipment by the company for a specified period from the date of issue; thereafter the equipment must be maintained at the expense of the dealer.

(3) The dealer is obligated to purchase fuel only from the company and to retail fuel so purchased as per price structure agree upon.
Any breach of (2) and (3) above could result in the repossession of the company’s equipment and termination of the Dealer Contract.
Yours faithfully,
Abdool S Kadir
Company Secretary
The Guyana Oil Company Limited

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