The Clico pensioners and depositors now join the fraternity of Globe Trust

Dear Editor,
Permit me to bid welcome to CLICO’s pensioners and depositors as they join the fraternity of Globe Trust and Investment Company Limited’s (GT&ICL) betrayal.
The voices of the pseudo politicians, trade unions and others of their ilk who were silent during GT&ICL’s debacle, will now be heard from the Lighthouse to the Pakaraimas, denouncing, criticizing, and calling on various forms of civil disobedience. The government will announce that steps will be taken to protect the savings of CLICO’s depositors and pensions. They said the same in relation to GT&ICL; nine years later, liquidation has become a reality.

CLICO depositors and pensioners, as a result of the present situation with that institution, it is possible that many of you will pass without enjoying the fruits of your labour deposited therein. Therefore gird your loins and prepare for the possible eventual loss of your pensions and savings.
Finally, my friends, take with a grain of salt the comments and promises that will be said and made by the government.
Yours faithfully,
CS Vaughn, MSM
Major (Rtd)

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