Why not provide rest rooms at the public hospital for employees who have finished working on the late shift?

Dear Editor,

A friend and myself were reflecting on the recent criminal happenings in Guyana, and one occurrence that came to mind was the rape of a nurse at the Wismar Hospital. As it became known, no proper security had been provided at that institution as well as no transportation by the hospital authorities for nursing and other staff who were scheduled to work the 4 pm-12 midnight shift. The lack of proper security resulted in one of the nurses being raped in the institution. Another nurse was raped and killed at Best Road on the West Coast of Demerara before lights were installed there.

Arising out of this conversation, I learnt that junior medical staff, viz pharmacists, medical technologists, etc, who are scheduled to work the 4 pm-12 midnight shift at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation are also not provided with transportation to their respective homes after working that shift.

To my mind it might be difficult and costly to provide transportation for each member of the staff, but surely some facility, such as rest rooms could be provided for staff members who live in out-of-town areas like Mahaica, Patentia and Parika, where they could spend the rest of the night. Sometimes when those who live in far out districts finish their 4 pm-12 am shift, and they go to the bus park at Stabroek, they are forced to wait for long periods to obtain transportation. The bus would then drop them off at the nearest point to their residence on the Public Road, and after that they would have to walk to their homes at those hours in the night.

In these days most areas have bandits, drug addicts, rapists and other criminals who prey on these innocent travellers.

Should something serious happen to any of these employees, all that the authorities can offer is their sorrow, condolences, etc. I wonder what the staff turn-over looks like at this institution?

May I suggest that rest rooms be provided for late-shift employees at the GPHC compound for them to rest until they can travel in daylight hours to their respective homes.

Yours faithfully,
B. Rawlins

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