Mr Lewis was charged in his capacity as Secretary to the CLC board

Dear Editor,
The Guyana Trades Union Congress, owner of the Critchlow Labour College wishes to state that on

Wednesday, October 7, 2009 Lincoln Lewis, Secretary of the Board of Governors, Critchlow Labour College appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate, Melissa Robertson, in Court One of the Georgetown Magisterial District on charges brought against the College by the Ministry of Labour that the College did not pay wages to Clifford Blackette and Audrey Hinds for services as part-time lecturers. The College pleaded not guilty to both charges and in due course will present evidence to support the pleas.

The charges of non-payment of wages were made against Lincoln Lewis in his capacity as Secretary to the Board of Governors, Critchlow Labour College. No charges of non-payment of wages were made against Lincoln Lewis in his personal capacity. At no time was Lincoln Lewis the employer of Clifford Blackette and Audrey Hinds.

The charge made by Audrey Hinds was struck out by the Acting Chief Magistrate due to inconsistency. Notwithstanding the Court’s decision, the College is in receipt of a claim submitted by Audrey Hinds seeking payment for 14 days in the month of January 2009. When the claim was checked against the Lecturer Attendance Register there is no record to support Audrey Hinds’ claim she worked with the College. Payments for lecture service are effected through a process. First, the lecturer submits a claim form to the Head of Department stipulating dates and time worked. This information is verified with the Lecturer Attendance Register, the official record of the College.

After this verification the claim is approved and submitted to the Accounts Department for payment.

Information cannot yet be shared about the charge made by Clifford Blackette since the matter is still before the court.

This statement is issued in response to a news report titled `Lincoln Lewis on charge of failing to pay wages’ carried in Stabroek News, Thursday, October 8, 2009. It is hoped this information will be given similar treatment to the referred news report since it seeks to set the record straight and clear up the misrepresentation.

Yours faithfully,
Norris Witter
General Secretary (ag.)
Guyana Trades Union Congress

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