Some ideas for a better GuyExpo

Dear Editor,

What went wrong with GuyExpo 2009?

I wasn’t scheduled to attend the event because of some major and pressing commitments, but at the very last second, I managed and happened to be on site merely to establish a business link with someone from another region and unfortunately it never materialised. It was also not more than 20 minutes that I spent.

However, from my observation, my gut told me that the budget allocated for the event had to be very minimal and the obvious missing link was the creative minds.

Of course, it began with the grand entrance. I will not go further and pen other failures, but will shell out some simple ideas for the 2010 event for which there is enough time for planning.

Consult with the weather people and see whether the last week in November to the first week in December 2010 would be an ideal time, and if it is, consider a shift for the event.

Give it a shot and have a Xmas Expo in 2010.

Review, review, review the costs for booths and I am certain that we can witness a larger participation from the business community.

Allocate villages for our immediate neighbours on site namely Brazil, Venezuela and Suriname. This is the time you will need to begin invitation talks with the respective embassy offices.

Invest more with the marketing aspect of the event and assign an innovative Public Relations Officer.

I will go no further and others might need to come on board with their ideas.

Yours faithfully,
T. Pemberton

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