Street lights should also be installed from Corriverton to Moleson Creek

Dear Editor,

I would like to direct these sentiments to the Honourable Minister of Public Works, Mr Robeson Benn. While driving to the airport not too long ago, I was pleasantly surprised to see all the improvements our beloved country has undergone recently (it’s been a while since I’ve made a trip out of Berbice, so the G.T regulars will have to excuse my ignorance).

How good the new roads looked to me with all the reflectors shining back, showing every turn and bend from far off. I definitely felt a lot more confident driving these unfamiliar roads (unfamiliar to me anyway) knowing in advance that a sharp turn or dangerous bend was up ahead. My father, whom I went to collect, was especially impressed with the street lights along the road side. He commented that they should have been installed a long time ago, because, not only do they serve as a deterrent to crime, they also gave a positive first impression to anyone visiting our beautiful Guyana. This got me to thinking about the area I live in.

As most Guyanese already know, the Berbice highway is undergoing massive rehabilitation and repair works from N/A to Moleson Creek. We, the residents of Berbice are very happy, and very thankful to Government. for these developments. The Berbice bridge has made life a heck of a lot easier for all Guyanese, especially those of us in Berbice, and the new Skeldon sugar factory, with its electrical co-generation plant is a major step forward for us all. The ferry stelling at Moleson Creek (a legal port of entry, by the way) along with the Takutu bridge, now open, means a lot more people and commerce will be travelling through the Ancient County.

Taking the above into consideration, wouldn’t it be wise for Government. to install street lights along the roadway in the Corentyne area? With the co-generation plant at the Skeldon sugar factory, there is enough electricity to supply street lights from Corriverton to the Moleson Creek port of entry (the ferry stelling). This would give a positive first impression to anyone arriving in the Corentyne area to do business with Guyana. As Guyanese, we should want and strive to ensure that people who visit our shores, feel safe and pleased enough with our country, that they will come back to do more business with us.

I sincerely hope that Government takes a serious look at the economic strength and capability of the Corriverton area, and provide this town with street lights, if this is not already in their plans.

Yours faithfully,
M. A. Ibrahim
No. 78 Village,
Corentyne Berbice.

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