Pepsi Sonics player banned for life by GABA

Pepsi Sonics point guard Aubrey Henry has been banned for life from the sport by the Georgetown Amateur Basketball Association (GABA) after a feud involving a referee during his team’s clash with Dyna’s Ravens on Thursday evening at the Burnham Basketball Court.

The altercation occurred  during the fourth quarter with Ravens leading 61-41 and 1:20” remaining in the game.

The game was being officiated by Rawle Toney and Vejai Panday and the play was  physical from the start, causing the referees to issue several warnings and in two cases they had to eject two players from the Pepsi Sonics team.

It all begun after Panday issued Henry with a technical for violent conduct against a Ravens player and this made the player unhappy and furious since he felt the referee was being biased on some calls.

He then advanced on Panday violently and the two got entangled causing spectators and players alike to rush onto the court to separate them. Henry also had some exchange of words with GABA president Trevor Rose and at one point Henry had to be held back by his teammates since he appeared intent on going after Rose.

Afterwards, the GABA said that such behaviour will not be tolerated and the player will be banned for life from participating under their jurisdiction and the association will also take the matter to the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF).
The match was later awarded to Ravens.

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