Sizzla a set to scorch

After failing to come to Guyana last weekend, Miguel ‘Sizzla’ Collins will be here tonight for the ‘Rise to Occasion’ concert at the National Park.

His deejay ‘Gold Teeth’ who will open the show for the reggae star told the scene yesterday that Kalonji (Sizzla) and his ‘fire house’ band regret their no show last week and as such, Sizzla will extend his performance from 12:00 am – 2:00 am.

Public Relation Officer of the Seven Star Promotional group, Stan Gouveia said that they have been working overtime since the postponement of the show last week and that Sizzla himself have sent several ‘drops’ which are being played on the radio and television stations saying that he will be here.

Sizzla, Jamaica’s modern-day reggae icon has several hit albums such as the ever popular and favourites ‘Black Woman and Child’, ‘Praise he Jah’, ‘Speak of Jah’ and ‘Soul Deep’ which have all made it to the billboard charts.

“Well Guyana can expect all dem favorite tunes from Sizzla. He seh dat he will be working from Black Woman and Child, Praise he Jah albums and some tunes from way back when, also of course the girls dem. But I aint know if he will go down the other lane,” Gold Teeth said.

Also featuring on the show is the newest lover’s rock singing sensation Christopher Martin known for his songs “Driver” and “Take My Love” and local acts Jory and Ace.

Apart from show, Sizzla and Martin are set to do autograph signing in the City Mall and also to pay a visit to GuyExpo.

Tickets bought for last weekend are still valid the promoters said.

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