Well guess what, I will discuss it, tweet about it and sit and talk with anyone in proximity who is willing to lend me an ear. I get up every day and ask myself that dreaded question. “What do I do with my hair?” Too bad the mirror can’t respond and say something like, “Fair maid, thou need not worry about thy hair, thou can go without any if thou like”.

For as long as I can remember… (hold one sec, am tweeting as I write) Sorry about that. Even as I get my thoughts together and figure out what to say exactly I have to make sure that I stay within the character limit that Twitter stipulates.  It just so happens that Twitter only permits 140 characters per tweet, it honestly requires some restraint from someone who is usually long-winded – as I am.

This tweeting thing is really growing on me when I consider that it is eating into my Keith Olbermann time at nights. A few nights ago I was watching the show and just as Keith was about to have Howard Fineman on to discuss the state of the Democratic party following its recent electoral defeat to the Republicans in the governor’s race, I felt the urge to tweet. I missed Fineman and ended up not tweeting because my internet connection failed.

Now if you watch Olbermann … (one sec, my friend in Dominica has responded to my last tweet). This guy is so crazy, he would respond to my tweets saying the silliest of things then expect me to tweet again as if this is phone chat. I have to keep reminding him that I tweet selectively. Where was I?  Oh yes, Fineman and Olbermann. The thing is that Olbermann has a great show but if you watch him, you’ll know that the segment with Fineman is perhaps the finest.

I will pause here to respond to my friend in Dominica… Honestly, tweeting is refreshing. I am tweeting about my hair and yet I am writing about Olbermann and Fineman as if this was the sort of discussion I had intended to have here. But if you know me, you would know that I stray so often sometimes I don’t even remember why I opened my mouth in the first place. But back to my hair. Here is what I said on Twitter: “I am not my hair”.

It is one of those complicated yet self-explanatory statements as far as I am concerned. Women sometimes have to draw a line between their naturally grown crop and the manufactured ones that so many of us purchase and proudly wear. I happen to be one of those who celebrate wigs or hairpieces whatever you want to call them because they are convenient. I wear them and proudly so, but I would just as boldly cut my hair off and go bald, because my I am not my hair. Ok I have to tweet this thought: “My hair is a part of me, it is not all of me, so look at me not my hair”.

I hope never to get caught up in a web where I look at woman with her hair whether grown or manufactured and think I have her figured out because of her mane. The woman I am is no less defined by her hair then she is by the occasional biker shorts and mid-riff top she wears when opting for a day at the creek.

This is why I tweet and why I like it so much… I get to share a part of me with the world once I have something to say and, if I might add, something valuable.


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