To whom does one complain? Where does one seek relief?

Gone are the days when Subryanville was managed by a committee and not by the Georgetown Mayor & City Council.  Problems arise and one doesn’t know to whom to complain, save and except the Public Relations Officer at the M&CC.

The big problem is the flooding that takes place when it rains continuously for long periods. Fifty ‘odd’ years ago Subryanville lots were on sale and purchasers were constrained to build up their lots.  The Mayor & City Council of Georgetown eventually took control of the area but seems to have no plan for providing the residents with comfortable living.  In heavy rainfall many of the lots flood.  It is no pleasant task when you live in a bottom flat, to have to move your carpet, chairs and bed to avoid damage from water flooding your apartment.

The problem of flooding increased significantly when the Mayor & City Council decided to raise the height of the roads.  In First Avenue one can observe water flowing down the sides of the road into the gates of residents.  There is no uniformity in the drainage system.  Residents have built their gutters according to their own wishes, and the width of the gutters varies from lot to lot.  The gutters are not concreted and must be cleared of grass every month otherwise the flow of water is impeded.  To whom does one complain?  Where does one seek relief?

There is a feeling of lethargy throughout the country as citizens lose hope for change.  One is reminded of Tennyson’s Lotus Eaters.
Why are we weigh’d upon with heaviness,

And utterly consumed with sharp distress,

While all things else have rest from weariness?

All things have rest:  why should we toil alone,

We only toil, who are the first of things,

And make perpetual moan,

Still from one sorrow to another thrown:

Nor ever fold our wings,

And cease from wanderings,

Nor steep our brows in slumber’s holy balm:

Nor harken what the inner spirit sings,

‘There is no joy but calm!’

Why should we only toil, the roof and crown of things?
The Georgetown Mayor & City Council have expanded their limits and now seem unable to cope with the problems. The Guyana Consumers Association and Consumers Advisory Bureau have for some time been recommending the appointment of a city manager and the removal of the current political nature of the city council.  It is obvious that if there are two or more political parties managing the council there will be no unity of purpose and the minority party or parties   will seek to prevent any outstanding success by the party in power.

Elections in local government bodies, including towns and the City of Georgetown should be first past the post.  Take politics out.
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The New Building Society, a major finical institution in Guyana, held its Annual General Meeting on Saturday, April 17, and to date no report of the proceeding has appeared in the Stabroek News or Guyana Chronicle.  Members of the press were barred from the meeting. We understand that a motion was passed allowing the board to expel a member. This is a serious matter and members of NBS should be informed of it and of all that transpired at the meeting.  Minutes of the meeting are not available.

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