Robb St killing…Victim had been charged in Fish Shop owner attempted murder

Weekes, 28, of North/East La Penitence Georgetown, was approached by a lone gunman around midnight on Friday outside the Red Dragon Club on Robb Street and was riddled with bullets. Police in a release yesterday said that Weekes had “just exited his motor vehicle when he was confronted by an armed gunman who discharged a number of rounds which struck him about the body”. The gunman escaped after the shooting.

Weekes was later pronounced dead on arrival at the Woodlands Hospital. Police sources told this newspaper that he was shot 14 times and the wounds started from his head downwards.

The senior police official said yesterday that the investigators on the case are examining the man’s murder from all possible angles. The source said the police have confirmed that Weekes was involved in the incident last year and as part of their investigations, they may look to see whether there is any connection.

Weekes was implicated in the ugly fracas which occurred on the night of September 22. The incident at the gymnasium was reportedly sparked by a dispute between two men over a bet at a football match and resulted in four teenage boys and a man being shot. The owner of the White Castle Fish Shop Jermaine Langevine, who was said to have fired the shots, was later beaten unconscious, allegedly by Weekes, who was reportedly a relative of the wounded man.

Weekes later appeared in court charged with attempted murder and inflicting grievous bodily harm. He was accused of inflicting grievous bodily harm on Jason Langevine and on that same day attempted to murder Jermaine Langevine. He was granted bail totalling $475,000 on the two charges.

Jermaine Langevine had also appeared before the court and was charged with felonious wounding and discharging a loaded firearm. He was placed on a total of $500,000 bail for both changes when he appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson. An employee of Langevine, Mark Goodridge, was jointly charged with these offences.

Stabroek News was told by Weekes’ former attorney Basil Williams that the matter had been settled out of court by the two parties.

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