Bauxite union urges renewed commitment to justice

The Guyana Bauxite and General Workers Union (GB&GWU) in its Labour Day message stated that this Labour Day must be one of deep introspection and one of renewed commitment for justice and fair play.

The Union stated that it will not relent in its efforts “to have the rule of law and the rights of the bauxite worker respected and honoured” even as “burning questions” arise about efforts by employers and the government’s denial of “what they have struggled for and have enshrined as their rights.”

The Union was making reference to the struggle it faces with the Bauxite Company of (Guyana BCGI) and the government. “As a union targeted for open hostility by the government and employer, we remain strong and steadfast in our struggles against oppression and transgression of rights and join all workers in taking a stand for what is fair and just,” the GB&GWU statement added.
The Union called the support by GAWU “a necessary step in the right direction” adding that GAWU’s solidarity is an acknowledgement that they too can be “victims of one day.” The GB&GWU applauded GAWU for “breaking ranks with their political bosses on the bauxite dispute.”

The GB&GWU added that the bauxite dispute can no longer be classified as a labour dispute. The struggle, the union said in its statement, is one “underpinned by an autocratic government bent on destroying and communities seemingly supportive of the opposition parties.”

The union commended those who have supported, it adding that it is a “source of comfort and fuel our commitment that justice is worth fighting for.”

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