Man found dead at Goed Fortuin was beaten in head, drowned

Inshan Ally, whose body was found at Goed Fortuin, West Bank Demerara on Friday died as a result of asphyxiation due to drowning and blunt cranial trauma, an autopsy yesterday revealed.

Inshan Ally

One of two suspects detained in connection with the death, has been released from police custody.

The body of Ally, 57, also known as ‘Mamu’ who had no fixed place of abode was found in a canal in the backdam around 6.45 am. It was in a decomposing state.

Vidyawattee Goberdhan, a resident of the community told Stabroek News recently that the man’s body seemed to have marks of violence and she was able to identify him by his beard.  Ally was known to spend his days doing chores for villagers and at nights, slept at the koker. The arrested suspects had been identified by villagers as the persons who allegedly sodomised Ally before killing him and dumping his body.

According to Goberdhan, the dead man has no family in the area and she was a friend to him.  She added that he would usually spend the day at her home helping her with various chores around the house.  She added that he was “a nice person who never bothered anybody.”

Goberdhan said she last saw Ally last Wednesday around 7.30 pm. When he did not show up at her home as usual, she queried about his whereabouts but no one had seen him. When she heard about the body being found, she had an uneasy feeling and suspected that it might have been Ally’s.

Goberdhan said that a villager had informed her that on Wednesday night he had intervened on Ally’s behalf to prevent two men from beating him. He was able to stop the men but did not know what happened after that.

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