Cabinet approves $130M for new D&I works

Cabinet earlier this week offered its no objection to six contracts, including three valued at $130.9M for drainage and irrigation works.

At a post-Cabinet media briefing yesterday, the Government Information Agency (GINA) reported, Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon said that on Thursday, Cabinet approved a contract award valued $78.9M for rehabilitation of sluice at Lonsdale, Region 6, a contract award valued $28.7M for construction of a greenheart timber revetment, Boeraserie water conservancy, in Region 3, and a contract award valued $23.3M for excavation of canals and construction of a heavy duty bridge at Chantilly, West Bank Demerara, in Region 3.

Additionally, he noted that a US$1.2M contract was awarded for the supply and delivery of ante-natal Sprinkles for pregnant women and infants; a $36.9M contract was awarded to meet the dietary needs at Kuru-Kuru Training Centre and New Opportunity Corps; and a $17.8M contract was awarded to procure a generator for the High Court.

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