Failure to appoint Whyte-Nedd as chief education officer disappointing -GPSU

The Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) is anticipating the appointment of Genevieve Whyte-Nedd to the position of Chief Education Officer by the Public Service Commission (PSC) when the body meets in July this year.

At a press conference held at the GPSU’s, New Garden Street headquarters yesterday, union representatives stated that the union continues to be disappointed by “the failure” to appoint Whyte-Nedd to the position of Chief Education Officer. The GPSU stated that it has not been inactive on the issue and it recently raised the matter with the PSC through its Chair, Ganga Persaud.

The GPSU stated that issues such as the matter in question are a result of “the questionable approach adopted in constituting the membership” of the PSC, which it noted resulted in the exclusion of persons nominated by the GPSU, as was traditionally the case. The union stated that the result has clearly been the establishment of a commission which it noted is, “susceptible to political influence and control.”

The GPSU, through its President Patrick Yarde, had written to the PSC on several occasions to have the issue addressed and resolved. In March this year, in a letter addressed to the commission, the union expressed its “amazement, disappointment and dissatisfaction” that the PSC “has not deemed it necessary to extend the courtesy of meeting with the Union,” to discuss the issue.

Whyte-Nedd has been acting in the position of Chief Education Officer for more than five years and she is expected to attain the age of retirement soon. Several groups have protested the current situation including the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) and the main opposition PNCR.

Whyte-Nedd had written to the PSC in April, 2008, stating that it puzzled her, since in three years the position was advertised and she had responded to such advertisements on two occasions. She said she was eligible at the time and she had requested a response from the PSC on the matter. It is unclear whether the commission responded to Whyte-Nedd’s   correspondence.

The GPSU stated yesterday that the matter may only be resolved through the courts.

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