Ex-cashier of Survival on embezzlement charges

A former cashier of Survival Supermarket was placed on $80,000 bail when she appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson charged with seven counts of embezzlement, with sums varying from $2,200 to $200,  and totalling $30,900.

Chandra Budhram pleaded not guilty to all seven charges when they were read to her.  It is alleged that on April 12 while being in the employ of Survival Supermarket, she fraudulently embezzled $2,200 being money received for or on behalf of her employer, property of Parshram  Arjune.   It is further alleged that on April 27, she embezzled $300;  on April 23, $8,000;  on April 9,  $1,000;  on April 26,  $1,000, on April 8,  $200 and on April 1,  $1,200.

Her attorney Adrian Thompson said that the charges seem petty but Prosecutor Stephen Telford said that the charges were not about the amount but the principle of the action.

Thompson in his bail application said that Budhram was a cashier at the supermarket and resigned from her job due to other circumstances and  so  the charges were instituted against her.

He added that several persons operate cash registers at the supermarket and it was possible that someone  else took the money.  Additionally, he said it was common for cashiers to have shortages or extras at the end of their shift.

He said that  if the shortages are great, it is normal practice for this to be deducted from the employee’s  salary.

He said that his client is not a flight risk and  he did not understand the charges.  He asked for reasonable bail to be granted or for Budhram to be released on her own recognisance.  He added that “she will return and I will return to vigorously defend her.”

The prosecutor did not object to bail and asked for a date for trial.

Budhram was then granted bail and the matter transferred to Court 10 for July 20.

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