19-year-old gets three years jail for possession

Magistrate Ann McLennan sentenced a Central Amelia’s Ward teen to three years jail after he pleaded guilty to possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking.

Phillip Gomes, 19, of 91 Woodpecker Lane pleaded guilty with an explanation when he appeared in the Christianburg Magistrate’s Court. He told the court that on Monday he was proceeding home after working in the Mackenzie Arcade with his father, when he observed a man selling flowers and medicine. The teen said because he was sick at the time he stopped and purchased some stems from the man who told him that when boiled they will heal him of his illness.

Gomes told the court that just after he had bought the stems, police approached and searched him. He said he then learnt that the stems sold to him were cannabis. He then pleaded with the court for mercy.

Subsequent to the vendor’s explanation Prosecutor Nauth told the court that on the said day around 3.30pm, police went in search of Gomes after he had been accused of assault. The teen was arrested and taken to the Mackenzie Police Station and upon arrival at the facility, he was searched. It was then that 15 grams of cannabis wrapped in foil was found in one of his pockets.

Nauth said the defendant was told of the offence but he had remained tight-lipped.