Wedding house row ends in murder

-three suspects arrested
Farmer Victor Williams was killed on Thursday night after he was beaten and stabbed at a wedding house in the Pomeroon River area.

According to police, three suspects in the murder of Williams, 54, of Friendship, Lower Pomeroon River, Essequibo, are in custody assisting with the investigation.

The police stated that investigations revealed that Williams was involved in an altercation with two men and a woman at a wedding house, during which he was allegedly beaten and stabbed. He was subsequently taken to the Charity Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Persons in the area, known as ‘Friendship Canal,’ approximately 12 to 15 miles from Charity, said that Williams was with his relatives at the wedding house when the altercation occurred. A resident stated that he was unsure what led to Williams being assaulted but he noted that the man’s assailants had “problems” with him and this may have been responsible for the incident.

The resident added that Williams died in the dark of night as he was being transported out of the area to seek medical attention.

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