Air Services launches thrice weekly flights to Lethem

Air Services Limited (ASL) is initiating a thrice weekly service to Lethem to facilitate an expected increase in trade and travel between Guyana and Brazil.

According to a press release flights will depart from Ogle at 6.15am to Lethem on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and depart Lethem from 8.30am. A one-way ticket will cost $24,000 and a return ticket, $45,000.

The company said with Guyana’s membership in UNASUR, the opening of a Guyana consulate in Boa Vista and the expansion of a partial scope agreement that will allow 60 more items for export to Brazil, it is expecting an increase in trade and travel between the two countries. It said the flights were scheduled early to allow travellers from the city to Lethem to connect easily with flights from Boa Vista thereby eliminating the need to overnight in Boa Vista.

ASL also noted that many Brazilians are travelling to Lethem, drawn by the rapidly developing industrial zone where there are many items that cost less than in Boa Vista. The early flights are expected to be a boon to Brazilians in the mining industry as it will accommodate those that need to travel to and from their mining locations.

In addition to providing air transport to support expanded trade, ASL is committed to the development of both domestic and regional tourism. The campaign for domestic tourism entails encouraging more Guyanese to visit local tourist lodges and community-owned and managed sites in the Rupununi.

In its regional tourism initiative, the company will be offering Brazilians from Boa Vista and Bon Fim the opportunity to visit Kaieteur Falls on Sundays. The tour will depart Lethem at 8.30am and return at midday and the aircraft will depart for Ogle at 3pm with its scheduled passenger service. ASL has also partnered with Rose Thomas of Fly Brazil, its agent in Georgetown and in its regional tourism drive. The company has also established an office in Lethem on Airport Road which is staffed by two persons, one of whom is fluent in Portuguese. The office can be reached on telephone number 644-5725. The Ogle office can be reached at telephone number 222-4357.

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