Yesu Persaud apologises to Agri Minister over Ramsaroop statement

Businessman and host of the Eye on the Issues programme Yesu Persaud has apologised to Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud over a statement made on the November 7 programme by businessman Peter Ramsaroop.

Robert Persaud had called Yesu Persaud over the statement which related to the Agriculture Minister’s assets.

Yesu Persaud a day later wrote to Robert Persaud apologising for Ramsaroop’s statement and saying that “It’s my error in not stopping him but for some reason my mind was occupied elsewhere and it slipped. I recognise, and sincerely regret, the distress caused by such a statement to you”. Yesu Persaud promised to release an apology to the media and proposed the text of an apology.

Robert Persaud then wrote Yesu Persaud and proposed the following apology “On November 7, 2010 on Channel 7, Eye on the Issues had as its guest Mr Peter Ramsaroop. On that program which was published nationally and has an extrenely wide viewership, Peter Ramsaroop made statements about Robert Persaud, Hon. Minister of Agriculture of and about his occupation, profession and person in his capacity as Minister as well as in his capacity as a man that are totally untrue and wholly unfounded.

I and ITV, disagree with all that Mr Ramsaroop said in this regard and apologise sincerely to Minister Persaud. I know Mr Robert Persaud to be an honest, industrious, effective and efficient person and Minister.

Again I unreservedly apologise to Mr Persaud for the publication of the said gross untruth”.

The Agriculture Minister ended the missive by saying that he expected publication in the daily newspapers and prominently on Yesu Persaud’s next television programme.

The following apology appeared in today’s Guyana Chronicle in the name of Yesu Persaud:

“On November 7, 2010, on Channel 7, Eye on the Issues had as its guest Mr. Peter Ramsaroop. On that programme which was published mostly and has a wide viewership in Region 4, Peter Ramsaroop made statements that are totally untrue and wholly unfounded about Robert Persaud, Hon. Minister of Agriculture, which reflected on his integrity.

I and ITV unreservedly apologise to Minister Persaud for the statements and regret any distress and inconvenience which may have been caused to him.”

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