Suriname concerned about number of repeaters

(De Ware Tijd) – The number of repeaters in the first and second grade of primary school, as well as the sixth grade are a matter for concern. Arithmetic, language and reading are a big problem in the first two grades, says Luciën Cruden, chief of the Inspection Department for Primary Education. He recently told Education (MINOV) Minister Raymond Sapoen that this repeaters problem must be dealt with in order to achieve better results. Each year, an average of 19% of pupils repeats these grades. The norms for moving up a grade will be uniform, without tampering with the quality of the education offered. Roman Catholic schools have been working for years with a fourth and final report card, an average of three quarterly report cards. As of this school year, MINOV has switched to this system, while the Moravian (EBGS) Education Board has decided to test this system in seven of its schools. Until now, the school year’s final report decided whether the pupil would move ahead to the next grade. With this measure, the Ministry hopes pupils will move more smoothly between grades.

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