Man found dead with gunshot in Laing Ave canal

The body of Paul Peters was pulled from the Laing Avenue canal this morning bearing a gunshot wound and according to reports he was part of a gang which police was hunting on Boxing Day.

Reports are that police were chasing three men on Boxing Day and they ended up pursuing Peters after he fled in the direction of Laing Avenue. Gunshots rang out, but it was unclear whether there was an exchange of fire. Peters is said to have jumped into the canal to escape and this morning his body surfaced.

Peters, age 20 years of 37 East Front Road, was released from prison in January this year after serving time for a robbery-under-arms charge. His brother, Orton McPherson said the family was told that Peters had a “flingings with police” on Sunday, but they are unclear about the circumstances.

McPherson said he was among the relatives who identified Peters at the Lyken Funeral Home and according to him, “he look like he get beat too”. He said his brother’s face was bashed in and the body bore a gunshot wound in the back.

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