Survey finds Warner is top T&T minister

Dear Editor,
According to the findings of NACTA’s ongoing tracking opinion poll in Trinidad, FIFA’s Vice President, Jack Warner, is the top Minister of government in Trinidad winning kudos from virtually everyone in Trinidad for his hard work.

The Works and Transport Minister impresses the nation the most, among all the Ministers, with regards to performance.

He has also impressed the nation in his capacity as Acting Prime Minister deputizing for Prime Minister Kamla Persad- Bissessar who was overseas for over a week attending the Caricom summit in Jamaica.

Jack, as he is popularly called, earns high approval ratings for both positions with people saying they are pleased that he has decided to retain his position as a Minister of Government following a conflict of interest complaint filed by Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Rowley for serving as a Minister and as a FIFA VP.

Asked which Minister of Government impresses them the most since the new government took office, almost everyone said Jack Warner with a few saying new Attorney General Anand Ramlogan.

People are impressed with Jack saying he is action oriented and gets the job done quickly. They love his work ethnic seeing the public as early as 4:00 am.  And they like the Attorney General Ramlogan’s “no nonsense” attitude in dealing with pressing matters.

Asked if they support Kamla’s decision to appoint Jack Warner as Acting Prime Minister, 58% answered in the affirmative with 28% saying no and 14% offering no response.

Asked if they approve of Jack’s performance as Acting PM during Kamla’s brief absence travelling abroad, 61% said yes with 23% saying no and 16% not sure.  Almost every Indian approves of Warner’s appointment and performance with opposition to him coming from PNM and COP supporters.

Asked what they feel is the leading problem facing the nation, crime, the leading issue that hurt the former PNM administration, still tops the list followed by high cost of living.

Asked if they feel the country is heading in the “right” or “wrong” direction, 68% said “right direction” with 25% saying “wrong direction” – a mark of confidence in the government.

These findings are obtained from interviews with 486 respondents (42% Indians, 38% Africans, 18% Mixed, and 2% Others) in face to face contact to reflect the demographic composition of the population. The poll was conducted by Vishnu Bisram.

Yours faithfully,
Vishnu Bisram

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