This alleyway has to be cleared to thwart robbers harrying Northeast La Penitence

Dear Editor,

In the last 2-3 months there has been a spate of home burglaries in the Northeast La Penitence community, leaving families financially set back and feeling insecure.

One thief was caught however, these break-ins continue both during the day and evening hours.  The thieves have mapped an entry and exit route aback of the Church of the Transfiguration where an alleyway leads to the forested reserve bordering the bank of a canal that separates the land accommodating the Mandela dumpsite and the Le Repentir Cemetery from the church.  Entry into this alleyway gives ready access to the backyards of the many homes bordering it and the police at the East La Penitence station know of its existence yet no effort has been made by them or the city council to clear the bushes and perhaps erect a wired fenced to separate the alleyway from the canal embankment.

While the bushes continue to grow, homes continue to be broken into and families suffer in an already difficult economic and social environment.

Just recently, wanted man `Cobra’ was spotted in the community and the police embarked on a search that came up empty- handed.  Could it be that these robberies and this wanted character are related?  Is it possible that he and his accomplices know of this route and the shelter the bushes provide?

I urge the police and city council to clear the alleyway and lands aback of the Church of the Transfiguration and they may be surprised at what they uncover and prevent!

Yours faithfully,
Rawle Small

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