I counted 23 cows and seven donkeys on the road one night in NA

Dear Editor,

I wish to ask the Hon. Minister of Home Affairs a few simple questions —-maybe he may want to respond. With regards to animals that roam our roadways, are you aware, Sir, that,

1—The animals have caused the deaths of many persons?

2—Many persons have been seriously injured and have also lost millions as a result of damage caused to their vehicles

3—Almost all of them have brands.

4—You are the one responsible for providing safe roadways to this nation and you can be sued for all the mess you have on them—-especially the deaths of people?

5—Your not so competent men in uniform just charge anyone who is involved in an accident right or wrong—and there can be cited many examples where animals just slam into vehicles and the drivers are charged and even locked up for days?

6—You are doing or have done nothing to even ease the problem—in fact it is getting worse.

And the lucky 7—When will you and the Mayor of New Amsterdam come together and do something about the fact that Guyanese are using our roadways as their personal pastures—-I counted 23 “cows” (bulls and calves included) and seven donkeys in New Amsterdam one night at about 9.30 pm

I am not interested in an answer, Sir, I would prefer to see animals removed from our roads. And while you are at it let the business people give back, to the pedestrians, their sidewalks.

Yours faithfully,
Charrandass Persaud

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