One month trying to get a pre-paid connection from GPL

Dear Editor,

In the not too distant past I wrote extolling certain im-provements in GPL, its management and the new Pre-Paid system.  I still believe in the pre-paid system.  But GPL has to do much to recover my respect, which has since waned.

People of Guyana, I really understand your frustrations over GPL and their much to be desired service.  One of the problems plaguing GPL is the corruption of its service contractors: meter readers, installers, etc.  The service is most atrocious, but I pity the Management in some cases, as corruption has seeped into every arena of GPL, it appears, and the country in general. Routinely staff/contractors are asking to work out something even if all is fine and dandy.  I know of a quality customer who found his meter suddenly upside down after an examination was done, while he was away. He was terrified to report to the GPL management as they would accuse him of tampering.  Had he called one of the crews, they would have wanted money to set it right.  This is why I encourage people to go Pre-Paid, if just to save their name from false accusations and destruction to reputation and personal honour.  Some grey areas are:

I went to pay for an inspection for a new Pre-Paid meter.  Imagine, a busy businessman having to be told to wait in line that would take maybe four to six hours.  Then if the documents are not in order, one has to return, get it corrected, and start all over again.  Eventually, I got it done, but it took three weeks to have the inspection done, but before they really inspected the installation/hook up area, they started to question an officer of my company, a manager arranged to live there, as to who owned the building and such trash, when they have all the documents.  Even that gentleman (my manager) never knew where the installation area was, but they never looked at the structure or tried to find it.  Are these people bereft of intelligence?

I had a Snr. Manager who needed to have a meter transferred from Joseph Pollydore Street to Queen Street, Kitty, and after more than five hours sitting and waiting in line, he was told that the copy of the transport has to be stamped by the Registry of the court to verify authenticity, instead of a Commissioner to Oaths.   It seems some people of GPL are just sitting and trying to make people’s lives difficult just as thieves are making life difficult for GPL and honest people.  Making life difficult, forces people into corrupt transactions, to speedily get things done. Ladies and gentlemen of Guyana, Hon Prime Minister, when ones goes to the court to have that document stamped, one has to wait for one week before uplifting it.  Or some say, pay a lunch allowance. This one week frustrates people and forces corrupt transactions, and some GPL employees are only too joyful to be fed by the corrupt and they themselves demand corrupt transactions.  As I write a beautiful piece is being inspired in my mind, some may want to use it in the future; “When things are made difficult it is normal that corruption is the natural corollary!!”

One has to ask why it takes several weeks to have an inspection done when the certificate and documents and fees are handed in.  Why?  Why? Why?  It defies logic.

If it is made difficult for people to acquire a driver’s licence it is natural that the people themselves will offer monies for help.  When I tell people it takes three months to get a driver’s licence, with appointments for theory tests and practical tests, etc., they are dumbfounded and flabbergasted.  Why must one need an appointment to do a theory test, it should be done daily, once needed, and instantly marked?  Wake up authorities!!!

Government of Guyana, you need to intervene to end this crisis to the future development of Guyana.  Imagine the investors’ frustrations at getting GPL connections.  I know one businessman who closed and left the country because of GPL. GPL is grinding Guyana into the dust.

Government of Guyana, for nearly one month I am trying to get a connection and fulfilled all legal requirements, even speaking to one of GPL’s most disciplined officers, and I cannot get a connection for a new business that would benefit this country enormously and employ dozens.  Interesting….right?  And interestingly, you know what, I applied for a pre-paid meter….he he he he!!!!!!!!

These kinds of things provide men like Freddie K. the ammunition to cuss out the Government and embarrass the nation worldwide.  One of those few things which truly make life difficult for people of this country is the hardships experienced at GPL.  What is the use of all the house lots, if people suffer to get electricity?  How can the country prosper when business people cannot get a simple pre-paid system?  Shame on GPL and its system!!!

Yours faithfully,
Roshan Khan

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