Kashif and Shanghai should include Essequibo in its 2011 calendar

Dear Editor,

Evidently, the positive impact that the annual Kashif and Shanghai football tournament has had in Guyana is quite resounding. This mega sporting event has not only captivated the local fraternity but has had its appeal as well to the regional and international audience also, and quite fittingly it has been blessed by none other than the legendary and incomparable King Pele.

It is no secret that the largest county in Guyana, which is Essequibo, is starved and yet yearns for the opportunity to experience this wonderful spectacle. Since the government has been quite admirably supporting this tournament, I am quite sure that the administration of Region 2 will facilitate the staging of such an event in Essequibo, and that the Anna Regina Community Centre ground could be made readily available with the requisite accompanying facilities. I am also very confident that corporate Essequibo and civic and sporting enthusiasts would be eager to be associated with this wonderful sport, despite the dormancy of the Essequibo Football Association.

I am therefore desperately appealing on behalf of the subdued residents of the Essequibo Coast for the Kashif and Shanghai organisation to enlist this county as part of its calendar of events for the 2011 display, since its presence here would do wonders for the re-establishment of active football on the Essequibo Coast.

Yours faithfully,
Elroy Stephney

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