ECG service was suspended because suppliers sent wrong paper

Dear Editor,

In response to a letter in your newspaper dated December 15, 2010 and captioned ‘ECG service at Georgetown Hospital not available because of “lack of paper,”’ management would first like to thank the author for highlighting the problem and must advise that it exists because the local suppliers of the paper required for the machine had supplied the incorrect type, inter alia, and as a result the hospital had to source it from an overseas vendor, but it is yet to be delivered. It was however promised to be delivered very soon and as such use of the machine will recommence shortly. It is noteworthy however that the problem has occurred not as a result of lack of effort, negligence or inefficiency, but it is a situation which was completely out of our hands.

Management regrets the inconvenience which this problem has caused and would like to thank all those patients who expressed understanding during this period.

Yours faithfully,
Alero Proctor
Public Relations Office
Georgetown Public Hospital

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