Delinquent schoolboy put on probation after wounding classmate

A thirteen-year-old school boy who wounded a classmate has been placed on one year probation by Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo.

The boy, who appeared with his mother at the New Amsterdam Court, expressed regret over the incident, which occurred in September 2010, at the Vryman’s Erven Secondary Annex in New Amsterdam.

In a detailed report to the court on the offender’s background, Probation Officer Maise Sheppard informed that his school attendance for the period September to December 2010 was unsatisfactory. Out of a total of 145 available sessions, the teen was present for 73. Sheppard further stated that of a total of 88 sessions commencing January 2011 to date, he was only present for 34. It was also reported that he had gained 10.2% of the total marks available at the end of term examinations for the Christmas term.

The officer noted that the child’s interpersonal relationship among teachers and peers was deemed satisfactory, while he was seen as being mannered. However, class teacher Robin Leitch noted the child’s irregular attendance and said he displayed no interest in his academic work. She added that whenever the offender was present at school, he was usually seen liming and gambling in and around the school compound during instructional hours, resulting in his poor performance.

Meanwhile investigations within the Mount Sinai community also revealed that the lad was a menace and was frequently involved in quarrels and fights. His mother, the report said, would offer no satisfaction when complaints are forwarded to her.

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