Bouterse revokes casino licence

(De Ware Tijd) PARAMARIBO — Friday, President Desi Bouterse revoked the casino licence of City Entertainment NV that had been granted by former President Ronald Venetiaan on 29 July 2010. According to President’s Chief-of-Staff Eugene van der San, the licence had been granted in violation of conditions that apply to such a licence. He adds that there are also matters involved of a general administrative nature. According to him, it had been agreed with the sector that a limited number of organizations would get a licence to run a casino.

That limit has allegedly been exceeded. Then there is the fact that the new casino would be next to Mirage Casino. Earlier, chairman of the association of casino owners Jules Ramlakhan had expressed his dissatisfaction with this situation. Oemar Chiragally, manager of City Group Entertainment, does not want to say much about this matter and points out that his company is on speaking terms with the government and that the coming developments are awaited. Whether he will get a new licence is not clear but Chiragally is shocked as he has invested US$ 30 million in the Wyndham Garden Hotel but now all of a sudden, one of the potential sources of the company has been eliminated.

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