Fisherman ambushed at seashore, taken to Cromarty home and robbed

Three armed bandits tied up a fisherman at sea around 2 am yesterday before going to his home at Cromarty Farm, Corentyne and robbing his family of almost $1M in gold jewellery.

Premdat Ashadat, 47, called ‘Prado’ told Stabroek News that the bandits who wore masks and gloves and carried a gun and cutlass also took away $30,000 in cash.

Police said in a release that they are investigating the robbery.

Recounting the ordeal, Ashadat said he left home at 2 am with his son, Krishnanand Ashadat, 23, along with another fisherman called ‘Jago’ and his 20-year-old son at 2 am to go out at sea.

He said they walked to the shore about quarter-mile away with their boat engines, gasoline and food.

They placed the engines in the boats that were moored in the water and were returning for the other items when the bandits ambushed them.

The bandits took them on the dam and bound him and ‘Jago’ by placing their hands behind their backs and tying them together.

He said ‘Jago’s’ son hid in one of the boats.

Ashadat said while the bandits were tying him up he tried to “beg them” not to hurt them and they broadsided him with the cutlass. They also beat his son with the cutlass “to ask me for the gun they claim I buy two weeks ago.” He denied buying any gun.

The bandits also said they were not interested in engines and the boat and that they would take his son to his house for the money and jewellery.

When they got to the house they placed the gun to Krishnanand’s head and ordered him to call out to his mother, Nandanie to open the door.

He begged his mother not to “holler” and to comply with the bandits because he did not want them to hurt her.

At the same time, a neighbour, Ramesh came over and the bandits took away his silver band, chain and ring.

They placed him in the kitchen in the lower flat of the house with Krishnanand and bound them while one kept watch over them. His sister and her five children including a two-month-old baby were also in the lower flat.

Ashadat said the bandits placed a cutlass over the baby’s head and threatened to chop it off if his wife did not hand over the valuables.

Before leaving the bandits ordered everyone into the washroom and told them not to scream. They then locked the door and escaped.

Meanwhile ‘Jago’ managed to untie himself and helped to set Ashadat free. They ran for their lives and hid in the bushes in case the men returned.

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