Two homeless after Vreed-en-Hoop fire

A fire this morning in Vreed-en-Hoop, West Demerara has left two homeless.
The fire occurred at around quarter to eight at Lot 36 New Road behind Mohan’s Supermarket. A customer of the supermarket raised the alarm.
According to neighbours, the fire was caused by a cooking accident. Jenny Vidal lives with her elderly brother, `Bento’ and is said to be of unsound mind. One friend of the neighbours told this newspaper that Jenny would “light small fires behind the house. Sometimes she will out them but sometimes she will leave them to out by themselves”.
A fire truck from Georgetown arrived at the scene approximately
fifteen minutes before the tender from the Leonora Fire Station.
Onlookers say that the surrounding houses were saved because of the quick response by the man living in front of the Vidals’. The man, Zahir Khan, told this newspaper “I was sleeping, then my mother woke me up and told me about the fire. I run to get my pressure washer and started to try and put the fire out.“ He also said that Bento was still inside the burning house but he was pulled out uninjured. When Stabroek News visited Khan’s residence, the paint on his house was blistered and the wood was still hot to touch. Meanwhile the firemen were working on putting out the last flames.

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