Speeding horse cart knocks woman down

A woman was hit down by a speeding horse cart at Cummings Street around 12:30 hrs yesterday.

Deon Sahadeo, 39, of Lot 10 Austin Street, Campbellville was struck down by the speeding cart while she was crossing the road on her way to the market. According to the woman she was in the corner of the road attempting to get on the pavement when she was hit down.

“I went till in de corner of de road.

 “Me can’t see why de driver fu de horse cart knock me down,” she said.

The woman sustained injuries to her head, shoulder and stomach. When Stabroek News saw her at the Georgetown Public Hospital she was in a lot of pain. “The horse trampled all over me body. Right now me head hurting me bad,” she said.

According to Sahadeo, the owner of the horse cart rendered assistance to take her to the Georgetown Hospital. “He take me to de taxi service fu me to get a car to go to de hospital,” she said.

The woman said she normally takes her daughter with her to the market every Saturday, but due to circumstances did not carry her yesterday.

“My daughter woulda be dead [if she had been hit down by the cart]. People just do wat they feel like doing on de road,” she said.

The woman’s husband said he was going to make a report at the Brickdam Police Station.

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