WPA slams state newspaper over ignoring APNU launch, urges boycott

The Working People’s Alliance (WPA) is calling for a boycott of the state-owned Guyana Chronicle after the newspaper failed to give coverage to Friday’s official launch of the opposition coalition “A Partnership for National Unity” (APNU).

In a press release issued yesterday, the WPA said it has become outraged “at the ongoing and escalating abuse of the state media by the PPP. The PPP government has moved beyond simply giving itself more coverage than the opposition. It is 100% coverage of the ruling party and its doings, zero percent of the opposition parties.”

The party said: “While all other media houses covered the recent launch of the APNU, the Guyana Chronicle, for example, ignored the event. According to the Chronicle, it did not happen. Instead it used its pages to repeat word for word the PPP’s self-serving propaganda about the reopening of the Claims and Objection period.

“The WPA views this crude behaviour as inconsistent with the norms of a civilized society and a gross violation of the fundamental right of Guyanese people to be properly informed by a media financed by taxpayers’ money.”

The party called on “on fair-minded Guyanese to boycott the Guyana Chronicle and to take with a barrel of salt the PPP political propaganda of the NCN” and “to register their disgust by flooding those entities with calls and emails.”

The time has come for Guyanese to be pro-active in their collective interest, the WPA added.

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