Tremaine Aldon Neverson ruled supreme at the Providence Stadium early Sunday morning eclipsing guest star Eve as he drove his female fans wild in what some described as the “greatest show” to be hosted in Guyana.

Thousands turned up to witness the American R&B artiste better known as Trey Songz perform live in the first concert for Jamzone 2011 and they were not disappointed. His performance, at one point, literally drove the ladies wild as a fight broke out and a woman was stabbed to the neck. But this was only a minor distraction in an intense, raunchy, hour of Songz.

Before Trey’s appearance, rapper Eve gave a special performance and she set the bar high, her touch still potent, despite not having set foot on stage in a while. Appearing just before 1am, in a sexy, black, sequined dress with leather pants and red stilettos, Eve was greeted by screams. With two back-up dancers in tow, the rapper confidently made her way around the stage. She had told the press recently that she would be “testing out some of (her) new stuff” at the show but failed to do so. She delivered songs which were hits about a decade ago but this mattered little to patrons as the lyrics rolled off the lips of many, both males and females.

Trey Songz

It would not have been Eve – ‘The First Lady of Rap and Hip Hop’ – if there were no expletives and she accordingly let the #$%^& flow with the crowd joining in enthusiastically, hands in the air and heads bobbing. Jamzone organizer Hits and Jams had said that they wanted an artiste who would be able to entertain a more mature audience and Eve commanded attention.
During her performance, she shared her discontent at being unable to be present on Friday for the second of the three super concerts on the Jamzone calendar when dancehall artistes, Mavado and Vybz Kartel will take to the stage. These two headlining acts are rarely seen on the same stage. Eve ordered the DJ to unleash a few of the tunes produced by these two and gained even more credit as patrons looked to her as someone who can relate and definitely adjust to the Caribbean culture and flare.

Though her performance was brief, about 30 minutes, Eve showed she was still a star.

But Trey burns hotter these days and after Eve’s performance, it was the longest 20 minutes ever experienced at the stadium as the artiste’s team came on and attempted to adjust the stage to his liking. Trey is currently atop charts worldwide with hits like ‘Neighbours know my name’, ‘Say Aah’ and ‘Bottoms Up’.

The stage was set, the lights went out, smoke enveloped the stage and then out ran Trey Songz as pushing, screaming ladies attempted to catch a better glimpse of the 26-ear-old bachelor.

Though some were left a bit stunned to see an artiste of his calibre appear in khaki shorts, a v-neck tee and Converse sneakers, they all were still in thrall as Trey stepped onto the stage and controlled it. Initially, it was a tad disappointing that persons could barely hear what the singer was saying above the sound systems but fortunately this problem was fixed as the show progressed.

Trey tried his best to connect with his fans as he singled out a few and it seemed as though he was serenading them. This proved to be a little too intense as the ladies in the audience began to get violent. The artiste’s bodyguards were forced to step in at one point as a fight, right in front of the stage, ended with one woman suffering a stab wound to her neck. She had to be pulled away by the artiste’s head of security. Nevertheless, the show continued as this went unnoticed by Trey.

Trey’s performance lasted for about an hour during which he took command of the audience as he began undressing, taking off both his shirts and throwing  them into the audience. He tossed a rag as well which was aggressively snatched by a female fan at the stage front and while the aggression did not appear to go down too well with Trey, the young lady was much too caught up to notice.

Of course, Trey could not end the evening without inviting a lady to accompany him onstage. After making her way through the audience, the lucky woman was bodily lifted on stage.

Meeting Trey left her awestruck as she giggled every time the artiste made an advance. In his shirtless state, Trey directed the woman to stand in front of him then crept up behind her, caressing her body while kissing her neck and shoulders. Trey then threw his shirt over their faces and well, no one knows much more.

The artiste then sent her offstage, telling her to wait backstage and he would meet her after the show. Literally glowing at this point, the lady quickly exited. The show ended a few minutes later with Trey leaving patrons wanting more as he ended on a high note with the hit ‘Bottoms Up’.

Prior to the international acts, locals, Timeka Marshall and Don Gialiani got the crowd in the mood with West Indies all-rounder, Dwayne Bravo collaborating with the Guyanese songstress at one point.

Leaving the stadium was a breeze which was a pleasant surprise as traffic usually extends from the stadium to Agricola. This may imply what the turnout was like. Though the Luxury VIP and VIP were packed, the audience in the general area seemed a bit sparse.

Overall, persons thought the experience could have been better but said it was not below their expectations.

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