Robb St shopkeeper Rachpaul, 84, murdered

The owner of the well-known 75 Robb Street, Rachpaul Pharmacy was this morning discovered murdered in his living quarters behind the pharmacy.

Eighty-four-year-old Harold Rachpaul was discovered bound and gagged lying next to his bed by his son and grandson at around 8 am.

The man’s son, Leonard, told Stabroek News minutes after viewing the body that he was found wrapped in two sheets which were held together by metallic cord. He said his father’s hands were also tied in front of him.

Harold Rachpaul
Harold Rachpaul

Leonard, who is well known as Lenny, said that it was his son Vincent who went in first and saw his grandfather dead. He said he untied his father as he wanted to see if he was still alive but he was already dead. A vault in the pharmacy was open and whatever money that was stored there is missing. Leonard said he is not sure what else is missing but he feels the murderer/s might have forced his father to open the vault and from all indications they spent some time in the pharmacy.

No one in the neighbourhood reported hearing and seeing anything strange.

When Stabroek News arrived on the scene a large crowd of shocked onlookers were standing in front of the popular pharmacy.

Rachpaul was a beloved and popular figure in the neighbourhood.

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