No arrests yet in Rachpaul murder

Police have not been able to make any arrest in last Friday’s gruesome murder of pharmacist Harold Rachpaul but have concluded that robbery was the motive.

The man’s son, Leonard called ‘Lenny’ told Stabroek News yesterday that the family is keeping in touch with the investigators. He said that his mother has arrived in the country and they are all just trying to be strong for one another.

They said that the family is hoping to bury Rachpaul on Wednesday as the post mortem will be performed tomorrow.

He said too it would appear that after opening the vault for the perpetrator/s, his father was assaulted. He said that a wound to the eye and another at the back of his head were evident.

According to Leonard, he wants the person/s responsible for his father’s death to be caught so that the family can get justice.

Rachpaul’s body was discovered at the Lot 75 Robb Street, Lacytown residence which also housed the popular Rachpaul Pharmacy by Leonard and his son Vincent, after they arrived to open shop shortly before 8am.

Leonard who is Rachpaul’s eldest son had told Stabroek News minutes after viewing the body that it was found wrapped in two sheets, which were held together by a metallic cord. He said his father’s hands were also tied in front of him.

A vault in the pharmacy was open and money stored there was missing. The pharmacy had also been tumbled up, this newspaper was told.

It is unclear when the elderly man was killed. Some speculate that it may have occurred during the course of Thursday night while others believe the attack took place some time after 6 am when Rachpaul would tie up his dogs and begin cleaning up the yard.

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