Elderly man found dead in Lamaha Canal

The body of an unidentified elderly male was yesterday discovered floating in the Lamaha Canal aback of D’Urban Backlands Squatting Area.

The man’s body was discovered some time around midday yesterday by a resident, who had ventured to the area to oversee his land nearby.

According to one resident Magnolia Frank, the man was not from the area, but over the past two weeks she had noticed him passing through the street to and from the canal, sometimes with a bag or some other article in his hand. The woman explained that he would pass and sometimes greet her, and she would reply “and he is walk and talk to he self”. Frank explained that the man would normally go to the “blacka” and bathe and change his clothing.

Frank recalled that the last time she spotted the man was on Saturday afternoon around 2. She said she saw him walking in the direction of the “blacka” with a black plastic bag containing what appeared to be clothing. The woman also added that he was drunk at the time.

“I tell you de honest truth I never see when he pass out back, but this morning rasta man see he in de canal, and is then I remember I see he pass [on] Saturday”.

Frank also added that when she last saw him, the man was clad in a short pants and a vest, which was exactly what he was found in yesterday.

The body is at the Lyken’s Funeral Parlour awaiting identification and a post-mortem examination, while investigations are in progress.

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