Press association condemns Jagdeo, Teixeira attacks on the media

The Guyana Press Association today condemned attacks by President Bharrat Jagdeo and his advisor, Gail Teixeira on the media at yesterday’s rally by the PPP in Kitty.

The GPA noted that Jagdeo pointed out reporters at the rally and the media platform at the event and described media operatives as “vultures and carrion crows” who should be “thrown into jail” for going after him and his government. The GPA noted that his remarks were backed by his advisor on governance, Teixeira.

“President Jagdeo’s assertion that local media should be placed before an international court and jailed was wholly uncalled for, damaging and repugnant. His Aide, Gail Teixeira’s provocative attempt to compare Rwanda’s media and its role in that country’s genocide to the Guyana media is also highly inflammatory and is condemned as an effort to both silence and bring harm to the local media”, the GPA declared.

The GPA said that it will continue to be vigilant and focused in this  period where a higher standard is required, a standard that should also be held by the politicians.

“The Guyana Press Association wishes to remind all political leaders in this campaign season that the rights of journalists whether they work in the state or private media ought to be respected. Therefore the GPA and the wider media fraternity shall hold all of these politicians on all sides of the political aisle responsible for the safety of media workers since it is obvious that media workers are now being targeted in this politically charged environment.

“The Guyana Press Association intends to inform and continue to update our colleagues across the Caribbean and the International Press Groups about these developments”, the association said.

At the meeting yesterday, Jagdeo singled out Stabroek News, Kaieteur News, CNS Channel Six and Demerara Waves.

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