Digicel mum on BlackBerry service problems

Digicel is yet to publicly respond to complaints about disruptions to the local BlackBerry service, which may be part of the global outage that has affected users in more than five continents.

A source working with the local service provider noted yesterday that the company has received complaints within the past 48 hours from customers about a sloth in the delivery of messages and emails.

He said that the company may go public shortly if the situation continues to explain its position on the service disruption.

Another source at Digicel said that the company could not do much about the disruption, since it is platform host Research in Motion (RIM) that is responsible for the operation of the service.

Some local users of the BlackBerry messenger service (BBM) noted yesterday that they have been experiencing difficulty in sending and receiving emails and other forms of information via the service.

RIM has been working to remedy the problems associated with the service, which has affected millions of persons across the globe.

A Reuters report yesterday stated that RIM has advised clients of an outage in the Americas and said it was working to restore services as customers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India continued to suffer patchy email and no access to browsing and messaging.

Customers in parts of the Caribbean, including Jamaica and Suriname, have been experiencing outages.

Analysts estimated that about half of BlackBerry’s 70 million subscribers outside North America could be affected.

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