GenerationG taps social media for youth-friendly civic education

GenerationG, an interactive media initiative aimed at civic education in a manner that is friendly to Guyanese youths, was launched on Wednesday night.

A press release from the University of Guyana’s Centre for Communication Studies encouraged young persons to visit the site for information on Guyana’s electoral and other civic processes. The website can be accessed at Individuals can post their own stories, comments and questions which will be channelled to relevant bodies for a response, the release said.

The website is linked to a Facebook page “GenerationG” and there is also a YouTube channel linked to the site.
“GenerationG (GenG) involves a series of communication initiatives aimed at young people. It utilizes new media to disseminate information about civic education in a youth friendly manner. It is also designed to stimulate thought and discussion about the importance of youth in the democratic process. GenerationG underscores the importance of youths getting involved in civic activities which will have an effect on their future,” the release said.

It stressed that GenerationG is a non-partisan initiative which is not intended to promote any political group or agenda.
The release said the project has been in development for over a year and is being conducted as a social media experiment by faculty and students from the UG Centre for Communication Studies.

“It is hoped that the GenerationG project, though currently in its pilot stage, will evolve in the long term into a multi-faceted civic education tool,” the release said.

The project is managed “by young people for young people and will address important issues of their lives, including health, community participation, environmental issues and entertainment,” it added.

Young people living outside Georgetown are especially encouraged to participate. Weekly competitions and games are also announced on the site. GenG also hosts a good resources section for students conducting research or simply interested in civic matters, the release said.

It added that GenerationG is “ground breaking” as it is “the first such initiative to be undertaken in the region”.

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