Farmer chopped by nephew in severe pain

The 47-year-old farmer who was reportedly  chopped severely by his nephew on Sunday evening has since been admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he is nursing five chop wounds about his hands.

From his hospital bed in the Male Surgical Ward, Besham Oudho told this newspaper that his entire body hurts although it was his hands that sustained the injuries.

“I feeling alright fuh now but meh body a hurt,” the man related.  Oudho of Lot 29 Unity, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara, recalled that he had just returned home around 6:00pm when he overheard his nephew and his niece-in-law arguing. “Meh cousin de tell me must watch this boy (nephew) because he ah advantage the girl so me does try fuh tek care of him,” the man said.

He explained that he had gone over to the couple’s home where he saw his nephew sitting on the landing. “He been fall down on the landing and I go and ask he wa happen and he say `oh you come over fuh represent she’ and I tell he I come to see what happen,” Oudho stated.

At this point, he stated, his nephew became irritated and picked up a cutlass and began firing chops at him. Oudho said in an effort to protect himself, he flung his hands in front of his face, resulting in his hands being chopped.

The injured man managed to escape into the yard where he called his wife, who was on her way home at the time with another relative. Oudho asked her to come immediately because he had gotten chopped and “deh bad”.

When she arrived, the relative who was with her assisted Oudho into the vehicle and transported him to the GPC.

The most severe cut was to his left hand which was left hanging from the wrist following the incident.

“Two bones chop but they dress it and so and they tell me don’t try to move it… it gon tek he time and heal,” Oudho stated.

Two of the man’s fingers on his left hand were also chopped in addition to his left shoulder and his right hand.

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