Brunswijk involved in illegal logging – DWT

(De Ware Tijd) PARAMARIBO – Illegal logging is still occurring in several areas of the hinterland. The Marowijne area is one of main concerns of the rangers of the Forestry Department (LBB). One of LBB’s forestry officers also claims that the family of Parliamentarian Ronny Brunswijk is involved in illegal logging. LBB statistics show that Brunswijk is the third largest lumber producer with a production of 16,946 cubic meters. The Parliamentarian claims he has a little over 10,000 hectares of lumber concessions. He considers his concessions nothing, as he is of the opinion that others have more than 150,000 hectares. Illegal logging mostly takes places alongside the road to Albina, Langatabiki (the concession area of China Zhongheng Tai) better known as G32 and near the road to Brunswijk Kampoe, the camp of the Parliamentarians’ mother. “We seize illegally cut lumber from this area everyday”, the forestry officer says. When confronted with these allegations, Brunswijk says he knows that it is mostly young people who cannot get a job who are guilty of illegal logging. He says this group does not have a concession and cuts timber on government land, which is not allowed. Brunswijk says he does not know what the current situation is, but points out that about a year ago, the situation was chaotic. The situation compelled Vice President Robert Ameerali to intervene and appoint a special commission to study this issue. According to Brunswijk, areas where logging was allowed were set aside then. “I think that the matter is under control now.” The politician’s concession is managed by his younger brother who is also involved in illegal logging.


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