Bouterse accuses forestry civil servants of sabotage

(De Ware Tijd) PARAMARIBO – President Desi Bouterse has criticized the Ministry of Zonal Planning, Land and Forest Management (RGB) harshly. He is openly accusing civil servants at this Ministry of sabotage. Crucial documents are allegedly lost and important information would have been deleted from computers. “There is no structure at RGB. It is a complete chaos and sabotage at the Ministry. And that is why I will take action”, the President says. Earlier this week, it was reported that Bouterse has put pressure on KTPI-chairman Willy Soemita, who has been given two weeks to cooperate. Bouterse notes that such intervention is not only taking place at non-NDP Ministries, but at Ministries managed by his party as well. At Wednesday’s press conference, RGB Minister Simon Martosatiman said that there were no problems at his Ministry and that is party is not engaged in obstruction. The Minister spoke of good cooperation between RGB and the commission that was appointed by the President to bring order to the Ministry. Bouterse claims otherwise, however, and he will take action soon. The President spoke with the press after the swearing in of three new Ambassadors at the Presidential Palace yesterday. He has been displeased with current land policy for some time now. That is why he appointed a special commission in July that is to take far-reaching measures at RGB. The President has often stated since this government took office that he supports a transparent land policy. This has even resulted in the sacking of Martinus Sastroredjo as RGB Minister after it became known that his concubine had applied for a large tract of land. Martosatiman replaced Sastroredjo this year, but the President is not satisfied with his functioning, however.




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