AFC says results show that it has changed political landscape

The AFC this afternoon said that updated numbers of Statements of Poll received by the Alliance For Change from its Polling Agents in the various districts indicate that the “political landscape of Guyana has been radically changed.”

Most data coming from the field show the Alliance For Change running third to the APNU and the PPP/C but doing well enough to increase its tally from 2006 and taking away votes from the PPP/C in particular.

“The AFC is still awaiting a full declaration from GECOM but the Party is assured in the knowledge that it has made significant inroads in breaking the toxic scourge of racial voting. The Party has solidified its status as the conscience of the nation and is enthused by the support it has received from a wide cross section of Guyanese, which demonstrates that there is a significant shift away from traditional voting patterns”, the party added.


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